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A Little Clarity

Since Mel died, there has been so much fog, and so much haze. I have never had a loss like losing Mel and any loss after her was small change compared to her. It’s not that the people I lost since her weren’t horrible, but Mel was big, personal, traumatizing, and deep.

She was my major gut punch.

Mr. Yummy and PD were huge and painful, but they only piled on an already bad and dangerous pain.

I still love him. I always will, but I will never get over the way he just disappeared and ghosted me after Mel died. Telling me HOW to process and how the way I was doing it, was wrong. Fuck you, for that. Mr. Yummy will always be the one who evoked an emotion in me, like no other. But I already knew he was an asshole when PD said he was an asshole and she didn’t like him.

I didn’t like him much either at that time, but I could not at that time process the loss of him. I had to get to a dead point. By dead point, I mean my feelings for him went dead. I would have rather stayed with my sissy and the asshole she lived with, than be around him because he just hurt me. He was a big loss on a big loss. It just compounded my depression. I sat in his house with all those guns, alone, depressed, angry, sad, overwhelmed and wanting to not fucking feel the pain of losing Mel. I won’t lie. I had a gun in my mouth. I couldn’t leave that as the last memory Mr. Yummy had of me. In his house. with HIS gun. It would have been a delicious Fuck You, though.

PD sucked because she just compounded the loss by kicking my ass to the curb, the very day I decided that if Mr. Yummy wanted to be with me, he would make himself available to spend time with me. He wasn’t busy working like he said he was, He wasn’t off taking care of his grand-kids, and I know this to be true. He was running from me and my sadness and whatever else he didn’t have the balls to say to me. I finally realized that.

I cried prior to losing Mr. Yummy and PD. but once it was done, I just went dead to them. Being dead emotionally was easier than falling farther apart. It’s that simple. And this is a small moment of clarity to me.

It’s Friday night and time to wake and bake.


New Clothes

I changed the theme. I think it’s a push for me to start writing again.

I’m also going to write really honestly.

Here are some truths.

I miss The Girl. I am pretty sure she knows this. I’ve never stopped loving her, though I fear her intensely because at one time, she had the power, and used it to try and hurt me. It worked. I’d love to have a relationship with her, but I also fear it. Trust and all.

I am moving on in life after so many losses, but in all honesty if I die today, I am pretty OK with that. I don’t think I am courting death, but maybe I am. I’m not going to the doctor and I have some pretty serious things going on with my body. Do I ignore it longer and go till I drop, or do I go to the doctor?

I’m not really into more of the same. I have kind of had enough of the loss.

I am probably more closed off than ever, because to let anyone in that close would mean to trust, and I am very, very, very careful about who I hand actual trust to.

On the other side, I know the things I have experienced, seen and felt, to be true. It’s just that life hit me so hard I fell off the path. I’ve not gone back to that same hateful person, but there is this wall of protection around me and when you live like that, you aren’t really living at all. You’re sitting around, waiting for it to be done. My life has felt like the last act, of a bad play, that will not fucking end.

But still I am waiting. I don’t know for what, but I am waiting.

I’m thinking I know what I personally need to do, but I have procrastinated because to jump back into it means work and I know that with so much hidden emotion and denied feeling, it’s going to be heavy. It can’t be any heavier than keeping all this shit inside me, can it?

There are things I am totally happy about also.

I love my little apartment. I love that the things I do in my life, are mine. I do them when I want and no one criticizes me, tells me I am wrong, disapproves, or hits me.

I love my few friends I have kept. These are the people I trust and am comfortable with.

Yesterday, I read something I wrote a few moths before the stroke. How odd. As things were getting better and I was happy because of Mr. Yummy, my move, my job, my soaring spiritual awakening, there was a point I admitted I feared what was coming. In all honesty I seriously thought The Girl was about to make an appearance and I wasn’t sure I could do it. That would have been so much easier than losing Mel, Mr. Yummy and Arie. All within a short time span. Back to back. It felt so cruel. it made me ask if I was a good person? I sort of began to doubt my value. I forgot I am what I am and deserve what I deserve, as do you.

With Love,



And we arrived the other night at 2017. I stayed in and cooked all weekend. I made a corned beef brisket and had a Reuben. Made potato soup. And on the first, chili and refried beans.

It makes me feel a little nauseated to know two years ago today, we were all waiting for you to walk the road to your last breath.

If I am honest. I still feel a large emptiness in me, while still attempting to participate in life. Apprehensive about what lies ahead for humanity.

I can still see you when I close my eyes and I can still hear your laughter in my head and for that, I am grateful. Still, I miss you like…no words for it.

I’m here.

My Most Visited Post

I was looking at some stats, and seeing different patterns, then patterns within patterns.

I find it interesting that this, is my most visited post.

I see patterns in when I wrote it.

I see patterns in the five consistent IP’s that return.

Long Day

I think tonight, my goal is to watch Big Fish.

I got my stuff today. Had another talk this morning. Seems kind of pointless in a way. I just don’t dispose of people very well and think the ability to do so, can be a downright ugly quality.

Bought a new work computer today. Going out looking at printers this weekend. I am lucky She boss started having trouble with the printer finally AND that we just got two nice fat checks from one customer. Woot Woot!

I picked up a side job this weekend, and then more work for toffee making, spoon yielding, tax preparer. I honestly love my friends. This morning I started to go into panic mode, but stopped myself because I KNOW…I’ve always made it. Well, OK there was the bankruptcy after my eye got busted, but at least I had that option and I know a high percentage of them are related to medical bills. NONE, and I repeat NONE of it was credit card debt.

I am feeling something in the air. is it spring? Is it the need for this dry drunk to have a drink? Is it something totally different from anything I could imagine? I don’t know, but something is in the air and something is headed my way.

And now, because I adore Raul Malo, have some of The Mavericks.

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