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Enlightened Territorial Pissing (is still territorial pissing)

I think it is healthy for people to question things. Especially as I learn more about the system, how it is set up, and all the things we don’t “know”.

I think TOPPT, in theory  is a thing of beauty.

I think it is unfortunate that it comes across like secret mumbo jumbo that you need a decoder ring for.

I know that before people even begin to accept this as a possible reality, they will need to see absolute proof that this OPPT is not just some bogus scam, or some information mining, or that someone who steps bravely or foolishly forward first, and submits UCC paperwork, they won’t somehow be screwed, no longer eligible to participate in the system known as the USA. Or what if one were tried for some sort of treason or crime against the USA, possibly to be detained, or given a more permanent style of living environment?

I DO think it is logical to question ALL aspects of this. Who are these trustees? What does bonded servant mean? Who are you claiming to be a bonded servant of? Is this above-board?

I think we would be foolish to blindly accept the paperwork TOPPT has thrown out there.

I think it is unfortunate that Heather is the only one speaking to the bloggers. I think it is unfortunate, she comes across as condescending to the questions she receives. I think it is unwise and unfortunate to flippantly laugh at people asking honest questions. Even if that is not her intention to come across that way, it is how people have described feeling, and that would concern me if I had stepped into the roll of spokesperson.

I do not like how those who “don’t get it”, and mind you, reading those files IS hard to do and comprehend, are mocked or maligned, called names and insulted by those who “get it”. Really? So please tell me you are DO’ing, and will then show, explain and help others to reach their full potential of BE’ing. THAT is how you help grow a process to reality, not by being petty and snotty people above the more, “common”.

THAT, is bullshit.

I believe though, that it is time for humanity to stand up and reclaim our connection to Source. I will not stop seeking, connecting, and living in love. I try to remember, if I am reacting to you negatively, there is some lesson there for me to learn ABOUT myself and what I reflect to the world.

It IS without prejudice that I state my feelings. I can do it without having to say it in a forum where I will be accused of peeing in someone else’s living room. I don’t say anything to be hurtful, but I think it is LOGICAL for people to question.

Tonight, I’ll be trying to watch a movie I have fallen asleep to three times this week, because I have waited till I crawl into bed to start watching it on my laptop.  There is so much potential for us to come together,  I truly hope we arrive at a peaceful place.

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