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1GiantLeap (The Original)

Tonight, I fed my soul. As I have done since I found this DVD some ten years ago… when my soul needs to eat, I leap.

I wish I could just upload the whole video here at WP, because you can no longer find the complete ORIGINAL 1GL on the youtube any longer.


Stage two…what comes after the destruction?

The talking has begun.

Now two wounded people are going to try to go forward. The “What are we?”, will come later because forever, I will be his friend and he will be mine.

Still, I am sad, but I do not feel like I am incapable, or that I will not go on. I just need to re-align. I stop and grab small snippets of what I know to be true, confident that as soon as I make it through the initial move, and start to settle in a space I can move and BE, I will again grow and move forward.


Over the last two days, I have been absorbing the fact that I am staying, and he is coming here. Part of me (the part that fears the mid-west mentality…and worse, my internal reaction to it) is relieved.

I can’t wait to re-share my city with him and make it ours again.

I’ve been really, internally hung up in fear lately and it feels good to be letting that go some.

I’ve become “unconcerned” with the things I have tried to fix or change. It is not that I am no longer willing…but I have done all I can do on my own, so I heard from Universe, that it is my time to collect $200 and pass go.

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