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Dear Mr President

Do you remember this?

Well, it needs revising. PINK! Are you listening?

President Obama has done some amazing things I agree with and do feel that he has been denied credit, where credit is due, he has been blocked by a bunch of cock-knockers who had but one goal in mind, and has proved racism, no matter how you dress it up, is alive and well in 2013.

My point is, in spite of all that we can not take beautiful steps forward like Marriage equality

480067_439090452842291_824232383_nAnd Medical Marijauan


To take steps forward like this, then to give protection to Monsanto.


Dear Mr. President,

Have a meal with me…


The Place Where Dreams Live

Last night I dreamed that Obama was the chosen President for a specific reason.¬† Though Mitt would have carried out our handler’s wishes as well.

I have sat in wonder at seeing a black man chosen for the highest seat in the nation. It has always mystified me, though I believe we are all equal so I pushed for Obama, thrilled to have a literate, compassionate, well spoken, man with respect and understanding for the word of law in the White House, who just happened to be black.

Still, I grew up here too, I know and understand the deep-seeded, subliminal, adhered to pecking order!

1) White Men.

2) Everything else.

The everything else sort of follows as:

White Women, technically defaulted to #2,

The rest¬† (of the order) is just yellow people, black people, brown people, and red people. (And if you are a combination of any of the subset, with any other…I’m truly sorry for you)

I knew a woman would make the oval office long before a man of any color, so Obama’s election confused me in a logical sense. It didn’t obey the pecking order lonnnng engrained into me.

So in my dream, I am told that the reason Obama was chosen now, is because he would foster so much hate. This is visible and it stands out to me in such a painful way, because I recognize it as how I felt the whole time George Bush was the chosen one. I see the things that my friends post on social media. Obama is a traitor, Obama is a war criminal, Obama is a Nazi, Obama is abusing Power. All the things I, your Anonymous Blogger, have said about George W. Bush. I recognize the hate seething beneath it all, because I have been there. But, there is an added flavor to this brand of hate, that was absent mine:

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So now that I have thrown THAT out there. Lets take a journey a little deeper down the rabbit hole, shall we?

Israel (See Wiki), was not where it is today till 1948. “On 14 May 1948 David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization and president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared “the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel”, a state independent upon the termination of the British Mandate for Palestine.

There is a difference in being Jewish, and being a Zionist (Liberal, Nationalist, Religious), a Hasidic Jew, and Neo or Post Zionism. The list goes on, feel free to do your own reading, but for those of you against that, can try this. I find it get’s REALLY interesting at the 23:00 mark. Do not watch this if you are not open to truth.

So keeping us fighting with each other, stops us from asking what our leaders (handlers) are doing for us (to us). It keeps us from connecting to our divine right to live without fear, and in touch with creation. The Source of life and the kiss of breath.

Here in our dualistic world, on the third dimension…we Love and we Hate. We fight and we make up. We are given choices, that aren’t choices, because really, both sides are beholden to the same handlers, who know the truth and the secrets.

Obama is not our Savior. But he presents well. He is an amazing thing to watch. But did you watch that video? Did you see who said he was a Zionist and you don’t have to be a Jew to be one? Did you see who made the comment about representing the Jews and how he would love to represent the Jews. He LOVES HBO, but he means, the “other” jews? Bush was not a Savior, And Romney is not a savior. They are all puppets of the same handlers.

I don’t like what I see. I don’t like the steely look in the Presidents eyes when he talks about steadfastly standing by Israel. I don’t like my once Beloved Turtle Island, now raped beyond belief, giving of our resources and our young people to fight wars in Israel’s interest.

Oil. Rivers of blood are the cost of oil. The rape of a planet for oil. Control of everything, for the power of being the chosen. Let them war for it.

Meanwhile we ignored men like Nikola Tesla. Well, we didn’t exactly IGNORE them, but we took from them what could have been used for the good of humanity and used it against them. We could have free, CLEAN, renewable energy, but JP Morgan chase wanted a meter on it.

Imagine a world with free energy. Imagine a world where we are not owned, born into servitude (slavery). Imagine a world where we all cared, and experienced love.

To reject fear and hate, is to remove the power. To refuse to play the game the way they want it played is my answer.

It may not seem sane. Hell I am the first to say I could be crazy.

What I don’t know, is how to tell you how to get to the place I have arrived at. The place of being willing to be open to anything, and realize I deserve nothing less than love…as do you.

It seems to me, we are getting there through trauma. I do not wish the breaking I experienced to get others here, but it seems to be a common thread among those of us rejecting the illusion and choosing between the red, and the blue pill. The rabbit hole is deep and I think once you get to a certain place in it, you can’t turn back.

I will try to share in some detail later, how I got here, became anonymous, what broke me after a life time of things that should have. You will either laugh at me, or something will ring true.

TRUST yourself. You are being lied to as well.

As of my one year anniversary of living rooted in Love, I will be letting my hair down and speaking as freely as I can. I will put all my crazy out here and the things I have come to believe, because I am just not afraid anymore.

Take your hate and fear, and shove it! You may want to masticate it quite well, because it goes down quite hard, and comes up jagged.

More to come.

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