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The only reason the Government would dare to label an everyday American Citizen a terrorist, is that they, the Government finally and openly are showing their fear of us.

This is when the energy shifts in favor of the people.

As more and more of us wake up, and I can see it in my search results and what people are searching, awareness raises.

THIS is the gold.

Skeptical people, are good, it means they are at least thinking. Thinking people are not people who are still completely sleeping. I do believe the slumber is ending. It can’t help but be ending as we DID move into the Golden Age on 12.21.2012. Just because you can’t see it people, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just because some are still sleeping, doesn’t mean others aren’t waking up and telling two friends, who tell two friends.

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As I have mentioned before, my life changed so drastically a year ago. I have considered the many factors that caused me to change my thinking and my outlook on things.

I talked about finding love, falling in love with humanity, seeing my place in it all, finding my “special purpose”, God, trauma, being disconnected, having an epiphany, a spiritual awakening, and waking up.

But am I really awake? Maybe I just think I am, and I am stroking my own ego at how amazing I have become. It reminds me of the movie, “The Rapture” with Mimi Rogers. She keeps hearing others talk about the Pearl Dream and she isn’t having it, and she wants it. She lies about it. Tries to strike up a conversation with others about it who are having it, and they know…she is lying.

Sure eventually, she has the dream…but I don’t want to be that girl, running around talking about the dream I am having, that I am not really having. Just because I went through the last 12 months and am radically different…does that mean I am “awake”? There is so much I don’t know, that I want to know and my intent, is to know, learn, absorb, be open, accepting…incredulous or not.

I do know, in changing me, it changes how I ripple out and play with Universe and all it contains. I do know that Love, is the answer, and what is the right path for me. The thing is…it’s got to be unconditional and for everyone. That means that even those who would enslave humanity, deserve Love. Hell, they probably NEED it more, though we all deserve, and are entitled to Love.

To me, it and my soul are my connection to The Source of it all. I want no hidden hands or agendas guiding me through life anymore. I refuse to operate in fear any longer. That fear that used to paralyze me, DOESN’T FUCKING WORK ANYMORE! When you come face to face with your worst fears, and live, survive, thrive, and grow, amazingly the fear loses its power.

So you got me? I am not afraid and I CHOOSE Love. This is my declaration of my intent to manifest the way it should be. Truth, Love, Disclosure. I am longing for others, reaching out daily and connecting with others. I want to continue the awakening, because it isn’t over and there is so much to know.

Stories (and the one I won’t be telling)


December 18, 2011 7:58 AM

I have been very excited about my one year anniversary or, if you will my birthday. I have been so excited about it I wanted to scream to the world to look at where I was and look at where I am now!! After some reflecting I have decided that the story I have ready, sitting in my drafts, waiting to be published will not be told. Not in the way I was going to tell it.

I have decided that there will me no mention of the traumas. There will be no dragging up again the negative energies I allowed into my life once before. I do not want to give them face time because they are not the here and now. They are not rooted in love. They do not feed my intent to manifest love. My desire, my entire life has been about love. As far back as I can remember.

I always wanted more love than I got, I always needed more love than I felt. I always looked for love to rescue me, make me whole, fix me. I was waiting for someone else’s love. What I needed was to have that epiphany, that knowing that I deserve nothing less than love, as do you…but I needed it first and foremost, from myself.

It took me a long time to get here. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this year has had purpose, intent, and has taken me where I was meant to be. I am attracting things to my life that are beautiful. I can taste and feel energies around me at every turn.

Never did I think I would be standing here, releasing all my shit. I mean really letting go of it because it has no importance. It feeds NOTHING positive, it gives not to love, and I AM love.

So I will continue, I will smile, and dance, laugh and sing, I may even have a cocktail to celebrate my 1 year of my Love Tour (there, I said it…I CAN own it here on this new anonymous blog and not give a rip if you figure out who I am!) but my story, shall not include the traumas that led me to break down and simply cry to the Universe, “No More Trauma!!! I can’t fucking take it anymore!”

Instead I will tell you that the trauma was bad enough, it was my breaking point. From my break, I found true love. I found the belief, that I deserve nothing less than love, as do you. I found that if I put it out there, it comes back. I found that other people were living in love. I found that water seeks its own level. I found not only my connection to the Source, but that I am part of the Source, the kiss of breath.

I began to breathe. I begin to inhale and really take it in. I began to breathe deep and haarp out X-Class flares of love. I went so far down the rabbit hole, I will never be able to go back to who I used to be.

I am counting the days to my one year.

I have never been more grateful for anything in my entire life. I told a friend today that I have been walking around weeping, but not sad. I explained that I KNOW my reason for being here, and what my purpose is, and I was told it sounds like I have reached a state of Grace. I do not know if that is what I am experiencing, but I wish to share it with you.

Thank you for reading and remember…I deserve nothing less than love, as do you!

HAARP Questions

It all started when I heard the name Nikola Tesla, and then found “The Woodpecker Grid”.

I have been studying the HAARP conspiracy for years, but it wasn’t till I found This website by a guy named Jim Lee and began reading HIS hard work and researching finds that it started really clicking in a simple form.

If you want to understand the concepts of HAARP, I suggest you start at Jim Lee’s HAARP University. Take his advice, if you find an interesting .PDF, save it before it is gone.

Happy Reson8ing!

The HAARP University

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