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My Following Readers

How I love reading the blogs of people who follow me.

I have my favorites, and all for different reasons. You writers and bloggers are an AMAZINGLY diverse group of humans and I appreciate that! I also get off on the fact that through such diversity, we have found ways to connect with others. it makes me feel so much closer to one. Like as things get bigger, we actually become closer to one.

I’ve been thinking of sharing some of you. I guess in a way I already do. There are a few blogs in my blogroll, that I have added as a result of Word Press blog trawling. Ms. Coco J Ginger is an example. I fell in love with her from my old blog. Her love-affair with her pen, her youth, her depth of connection in her youth, her beauty, all captivated me…so I shared her and she is one of the few people I have used that little re-blog button on. I adore her spirit and passion. I think others would too.

Then there is my longest subscriber here at Version 2.0. He followed me from my old blog, though I am not sure if he knows I am the same person. I did not announce a new blog and new screen name, I just left due to personal family reasons. Unwilling to have my words used against me out of context. One day all of a sudden, there was a current subscriber, now subscribing to my new blog. He takes AMAZING pictures and I think you would agree. Canadian Hiking Photography is breathtaking.

This morning I read another one of you.


I’ll be processing you for a bit before I share you, but again…Thank you to all of you I am meeting on my journey. The unity and contrast are really a thing of beauty to me and I express gratitude for the words we all share. After all words are a powerful thing of beauty, creation is a thing of beauty, connecting is a thing of beauty.

What a nice recipe!

Without prejudice.

With absolute gratitude and love,





This SOOOOOOO applies to my love life lately but, if you’ve been reading it pretty much rounds all areas of my life and today…I hit the top of the ride and am in free fall!

I move in 6 days and I just lost a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can do at this point is laugh. If I really think I am going to stop myself I must be FUCKING kidding myself! I will accept this as contrast to the last fifteen blissful months I had.

This is nothing more than a reminder of what I can choose, or what I can BE.

Buckle up, it might get bumpy, but this isn’t how I say it gets to go down. I’ve already got my resume out looking for another part-time job. I’m still employed at my main job, it was the care-taking job that looks to be going South.

I need to sit and have a serious talk with Universe tonight.

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