what I wanted to tell Flo today (2/6/15):

I want to reblog this because this young woman is writing of the same things as I am, with different words of course. I just find a lot of peace in reading her. Granted, I could be her mother , age wise, but I feel very kindred to her. There is security in knowing I am not alone in the loss of someone so loved, even though at the same time, it sucks knowing this young woman is going through this hardship.

letters to Flo

  • my first exam is tomorrow. I’ve been working really hard and I think I might pass. obviously I don’t fully think, because it’s me and I don’t do academic confidence, but I feel hopeful that I might be able to leave uni in a week and not come back until September, and put this shitty fucking year behind me.
  • thinking about immunity or acute kidney damage or septic shock still gets me freaked out. I know sepsis and renal failure had a role in your death even though I don’t know all the details. most of them came from the newspaper article with the selfies in (amazing by the way, only you could get an in memoriam selfie with a sick bucket on your head in the national news). there was one time a couple weeks ago when I started having a panic attack in a lecture on renal failure and T and G…

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  1. you’re so sweet. I’m glad we can identify with each other. I’m a little younger but I knew my friend for shorter – same story, scaled down. I hope you have a really beautiful week x

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