Little Kisses

I went to Mr. Yummy’s house Friday night to try to give him money and smokes for taking care of me for a few days. He refused. I asked him if he was sure and told him I pulled a fifty out for him. His eyes got big and I could see him thinking so I said that I knew he must have spent that much while at my place. He smiled at me, told me to keep my pennies, and said I was worth it.

I was going to turn around and come home, but he fed me dinner, popped in a movie and then, he snuggled me down. As always, I crave him. His smell, his softness and, his little kisses. Even if he is just kissing my cheek, he sucks the air from around me in as he leans in and then, he kisses me.

He makes me aware of my senses. With him, I am more aware of all my senses. Life with him in it, feels like so much more of an adventure. He’s very giving to me, and yet the ways he gives are small and intimate, not large and for show. The little ways he does things, touch my heart. He knows this so when I told him early on this year, that I love hearing him say my name he makes sure when I call him he answers with my name, there is no,”Hello?” I always respond by saying his name. I’ve always done that…since the very first beginning because I love the way his name feels in my mouth and on my lips.

I am happy we have found one another again, and grateful for the chance to let him see me in ways I never let him see before. We live in really freaky, scary times, and yet here I am, choosing to live life to experience happy. He’s peas and I’m carrots.



About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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