Sharing Somethings I Love (Musica!)

This is A Tribe Called Red and you can find them on YouTube. This is a jam of a lot of their stuff mixed together and I am hoping my neighbor is enjoying the bass at 7:30 AM as I enjoy his ALL day and night long.

If you make it as far as Electric Pow Wow, you will hear how I feel about being called an Indian. I am Indigenous.

I work with a man from Cameroom, Africa. He heard some of my “modern” Indigenous music and he really liked it so I am gathering a bunch of really tribal flavored music for him. I like that A Tribe Called Red incorporated some African tribal as well. I am sure my friend will like this, once I convert all the video to .mp3 format so he can play it on his phone while he works.

CAM00842Here he is working. He starts a half hour earlier than I start, so as I was setting up to start, I saw my chance to grab a pic…so I did. I sneak pictures of people working all the time, I hope to make a slide show for the X-mas party.


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I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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