I Must Admit

I have been asking myself what is so different about so many things in my life, but especially with Mr. Yummy.

It just hit me, that I don’t have that anxiety I used to get when I wasn’t with him. I worried. And I was living with him, so the only time we were apart, was for the work day, and that’s after we were on a long call job together.

Now I don’t see him for weeks at a time, talk on the phone…maybe monthly, and text a few times throughout the week. I’m OK with the way it is. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, and I am in it to see what we are doing.

I feel the same way about work. I’m happy there. I strive to get a little better at what I do, and I sleep well at night, when I am not hot flashing.

So that’s it. It’s Sunday. Time to just chill my last weekend night away.


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