I Know What You’re Doing…


pretty-christmas-present-in-gold-ribbon-wrapping_article_newI appreciate what the sentiment is, and the total selfless, selfish act that it is. Haha!

I don’t think you know that I totally know the extent of it for you, and that’s OK.

I’ll let you play this out. For a while.

I’m humbled at the lengths you go to, to be kind and giving to me. I am saddened that I didn’t see it years ago, but then perhaps in this dualistic world we live in, I had to not see it, to see it or appreciate it.

I know that this…bond we began forging years ago, is special and I won’t ever run away from it again. My days of running are over.

My days of denying myself  happy, are over.

My days of allowing people to treat me like shit and punish me, are over.

My days of love and joy, are in their infancy, and I am refining my skills at giving, with love and no prejudice. I like it because I know that it is true: When you give love, you get love. My two feet are more firmly planted here, than they have ever been. It was the act of having faith in my belief, we are one, that keeps me planted. It is seeing my creating with Universe, that plants the roots ever deeper.

I saw my friend, The Spoon Yielding Tax Preparer, the day after my work melt down. We had a REALLY good talk that led into Universe, vibrations, collective conscientiousness, Spirituality, religion etc…It was good and I felt…really calm and sure about my evolving experience here.

So as far as you are concerned…keep being selfish in your giving. Also keep in mind that I reserve the right to trump you sometimes.

The band, orchestra, and symphony are getting louder.

I believe I’ll go take a shower now.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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