How Strange Was That?


I left some things behind at Mr. Yummy’s house when I left Saturday morning. He informed me last night when I text him. We just met so I didn’t have to drive all the way out to his house. He lives North of Seattle and I live South of Seattle, so it’s a drive. He picked, of all places, Lawson Harley.

Lawson Harley is next to the old rice grinder showroom floor, where The Face Breaker was injured on the indoor track, sending him into a coma and TBI (traumatic brain injury). This is where TFB was buying his scooter, but Lawson Harley is where he sold his bike, not too long before he broke my face.

I parked my car, walked in and looked for Mr. Yummy. Once I saw him, I said hello and thanked him. I was standing in the showroom with all these pretty, beautiful and gorgeous machines and all I saw, was Mr. Yummy. We stopped for a minute while he looked at a bike and I glanced out the window. I could see the Face Breaker and myself in the parking lot. He was being his usual selfish and self-centered self and for a change I had a smile on my face. In the vision I saw, I was smiling because I knew that one day, I would be meeting Mr. Yummy in the same said store, because I left some of my clothes at his house after spending a night with him. The fact that the night was something the Face Breaker could never have pulled off in a zillion years, is so amazingly…glorious to me. TFB and I used to fuck, not to be graphic, but that is all it was. Almost every time we fucked, I felt like some bitch in his porno clips. ONE time, after we broke up and he was trying to woo me, he asked if he could “make love” to me.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face, and NOT laughing. I wanted to ask him, “I don’t know, CAN you?” Instead I said no.

I am not saying that everything I have gone through was worth getting to Mr. Yummy again, because it wasn’t. What it was, just happens to be the recipe I used to get me to that point where everything changed. It was the change that was so ever-loving important in my life and the me I saw in the parking lot with TFB, knew that I would reach that state, REGARDLESS of the obstacles I allowed into my life.

Ever observant, Mr. Yummy saw something in me as I was having my small vision and asked me, “What?” I didn’t share with him. Some things should remain private and he knows all he needs to about The Boy aka The Face Breaker, and that relationship. And I know enough of what I need to know about Mr. Yummy, to know what he would contemplate, were he to have the information he wants. (A name and address)

So then we walked outside to the parking lot, where I was given two pairs of pants and a shirt I have managed to abandon at his house in the two nights I have stayed over. I thanked him, gave him a kiss and walked back to my car, watched him gear up and noticed his delicious, brain penetrating smell had followed me back to my car. I paused and breathed him in and while he was looking at me, the other me, walked over to my car and joined me.

I have now had two visions where a younger me reunited with the current me and I realize how much more full I am feeling, as opposed to having that constant void and ache of something missing. A lot of the time, I thought I was in need of someone to come along and fill that hole or void for me. The REAL secret, and the secret I got only from my fall into the rabbit hole, is that it took ME to reclaim the various me identities I have created over time.

I’m not sure where Mr. Yummy and I will end up. In a way I think we are already there, because we have that connection, I realized that when he pulled a bottle of shampoo I bought fourteen years ago and left in his apartment when I moved out, from under his sink. He’s moved since then. He’s had other girlfriends since then, and yet, there was the hemp shampoo I bought so many years ago. He handed it to me while I was in his shower Saturday morning and told me it was mine. I didn’t have my glasses on, so all I could see was the hemp leaf on it, and I knew he was full of truth, it was mine.

I love this guy.


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I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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