I have to just “be”.

I don’t want to look back, and I don’t want to worry about what lies ahead. I want to just enjoy the now.

I certainly like the now. I want to savor it as it happens.

Such a strange journey I have taken to get me here. So many years of searching, and looking for signs. So much stuff I put myself through, as well as those I have tried with.

After so much longing, in so many different ways…I am still at a loss for words to tell anyone what I am experiencing. I have done this before, so it is very familiar, but I have knowledge now that I hadn’t connected with before, so some of this is very new to me in feeling. It is not overwhelming, but it is. None of it is bad.

All of it is familiar.

For the  moment, I am off to garden in a friends yard to prepare for the party we are having next weekend for the life her mother lived. She died the day after mother’s day, this year. We are going to party for her and celebrate her life and legacy.  Work is making me some special memorial candles. I’m very touched. Hehe, in more than one way! ( I couldn’t resist)


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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