Bitch Got Called Out

Every few months there are 5-9 of us that get together at the Spoon-Yielding-Tax-Preparers for haircuts. Our friend Perry comes over and does us all. It’s a good time. Most everyone (but me) drinks wine. All of us smoke some of The God Plant. In general it’s a good time.

Maybe it is the 85 degree weather, but I just took five inches off my hair. As we were talking The Hairdresser asked me why I looked like I belonged on a motorcycle today. I just laughed because, well, on a day like today, who doesn’t belong on a motorcycle?

I took a bunch of pictures of  Abby and Cali, playing with a bone in the kiddie pool. Here is one:

CAM00631They are my babies. I met them the first day they arrived to live with The Spoon Yielding Tax Preparer and they know I am one of their people. Cali looks like she has some Pitt in her and Abby looks like she has Newfie in her.

I was looking at photos and The Hairdresser saw a picture sent to me of my heart-throb. Now, I don’t even remember what he asked me about him, or what I said in response, but I can remember the sudden look on his face as he looked at me and said, “Oh my God, YOU want to marry this guy don’t you? I mean if not officially, you want it all, a long-term, committed, monogamous, forever kind of relationship! Don’t you?”

I was stunned. The Hairdresser knows me well enough to know from my reaction that I wasn’t saying “No.”

It’s hard to say yes to the marrying part, but yes, I do want a forever kind of thing with him. My heart has felt married to him for years anyway.

It was so strange to get called out so randomly and I was thankful it was just he and me in on the conversation.

I fell asleep last night while typing this. It was very hot yesterday for May 1st. 85 is easy for me to do unless the previous several months have been rainy and drab. They have been, and it was freaking hot last night. It’s now the next morning and I need my coffee and to shower and shampoo my freshly cut locks.

OK, since you want to see more, here are more picks of the girls.

CAM00619 CAM00620 CAM00621 CAM00622 CAM00623 CAM00624 CAM00625 CAM00626 CAM00627 CAM00628 CAM00629 CAM00630 CAM00631 CAM00633 CAM00634 CAM00635 CAM00636 CAM00637 CAM00638Happy Friday! I wish you a weekend full of the good things in life!


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