I’m Proud of Myself

A couple of years, I would have run with my fears, assumed the worst, flipped out, made too many calls, said the wrong thing, and alienated the person I am trying to get closer with.


Today? Not so much.

I am proud I had the ability to learn from my past. I fought the urge to freak out. I talked myself through it, and when I did panic, I kept it to myself and looked at it logically. (OK, so I did my freaking out on my New York Daughter.)

It was the same thing as I have been going through at work. The NEED to concentrate and not think about the things I want to do to him (or him to me), and not make stupid costly mistakes that could cost me my beloved job at the hive I call “work”. It’s not so much that he could get fired, but with his work, he could kill himself or someone else, and I don’t want that!

Even though I know it to be so, I still sit in amazement at the Universe and that this shit actually fucking works. AND works in my FAVOR to boot! I am thrilled beyond belief that my New York Daughter is starting to see it working in Action. She recently learned I wasn’t lying when I told her to be VERY specific when dealing with the Universe.

Once, I dared the Universe. I said…”Bring it on Mother fucker, see what I can take!”


I thought, in 2009 I broke the manifestation, but I realize it continued another three years, making my grand total of suck-ass years, getting EXACTLY what I asked for from Universe, thirteen in total. It was a mere two years ago I did it again, and VERY specifically let Universe know that I was ready for the good, the love, the happy, the positive, and total opposite of what I’d cursed myself to before. “Go ahead, bring it on, lets see how much good I can handle!”

It took a while to start manifesting in the ways that really curl my toes, but it is indeed happening, and I am grateful that I accidentally taught myself the law of attraction. It was such a simple and obvious thing, that it really was a mind fuck. I was simply…aghast that it was that simple.

So Cheers! Here’s to new habits, and shit eating grins.



About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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