It has been just over two years that I had a profound change in how I look at life and my place here, in Universe. At the time I called it going crazy, because I did not think it was sane to react to repeated trauma with unconditional love.

At first, it was so intense feeling love and seeing it in everything, incorporating it into everything, and moving into a loving state of living was effortless. Then after about a year, I felt like I was less connected to everything. I struggled to not let others bring me down to what feels like, a lower vibrational level.

Yet, I still kept putting love out there. I still kept the intent of love incorporated in the theme of my life.

People I would have normally engaged with, I walked away from when the vibe wasn’t pleasant.

I have found closure on many, many things. I don’t even think closure is the right word. I believe peace, is the correct term. I am not so sure I believe in closure, since I see life as a perfect circle…always coming back to the starting point while encompassing all.

Some of my intent is coming to fruition, and some is still simmering, but I am happy that I went crazy.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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