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Freddy Mercury…Thank You

Freddie+Mercury+img461Every time I hear Freddy, I miss my older sister. Sometimes I am not clear if the tears I weep at Freddy are for the non-relationship I have with my sister, or they are the process of mourning the loss of the gift of Freddy.

I think it is the loss of love.

Freddy, as I have learned from listening to him speak, is all about love. Freddy sang about love, because he loved love.

My older sister, was my first best friend. EVER. I loved her, and I still love her today, but we do not speak.

Perhaps the tears that keep falling as I watch all the bio programs on Freddy today, the anniversary of his death are for the loss of the expression of love.

My sister and Freddy are intricately connected in my world, when my sister choreographed a dance to the song Bohemian Rhapsody. She taught it to me. As a child, I spent HOURS with that album. My nose was buried in the lyrics sheet and I would stop whatever I was doing when mom played A Night at The Opera, and curl up on the floor near the heater vent, and read along.

queen_-_a_night_at_the_operaI can’t think of one without the other, and I can’t mourn the loss of one without mourning the loss of the other.

I can rejoice in what Freddy left behind. It will never die. Freddy Mercury will live forever, as long as there is a way to let his songs play.

I don’t have many things tied to my sister that don’t eventually bring a tear to my eye…because of the chasm between us. My hope is that one day, we can love one another again. Not that either one of us has ever stopped…but the space between us has gotten so big, I don’t know if it can ever come together again. Nothing will ever stop the hope.

Not even death has stopped the love of and for Freddy Mercury.


Crazy Ginger

I’m still living here as I write this and I have NO idea if she checks my blog or not, but I need to not lose this so 13-263812 Officer Hancock. Yesterday I was held against my will by the tax evading, illegal landlord, who happens to also be a liar and a thief. The catering gig I blogged about months ago, was the first theft incident. Shorting me money was one thing but stealing money and product the client paid for was another. The client, my friend, is a tax preparer so she asked for all the receipts. She easily found the discrepancies and wanted to confront her then, but since I had to live there, we opted to stay quiet and not cause waves.

The officer I spoke with yesterday advised me I was well within my rights to have her arrested on kidnapping, that the courts would slap her with a no contact and she would have to vacate the premises till I am out. When you block a door and hold someone in a place they are trying to leave, the police call that kidnapping. I opted not to do that and left an informational report. If she comes at me again I am to call him and he will arrest her.


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