Holiday of the Spirit

My Spirit has sort of been on an unscheduled vacation.

I had many “things” happen at once, and though I didn’t let any of it incapacitate me as it has in the past, I sort of “lagged” like a computer too taxed.

I’m happy to say I am coming out of it. It took time, silence while pondering, my good friends, doing a couple of things that made me feel happy, and letting go of people and emotions that don’t serve anything good.

I’m happy to have gotten to this point before Seattle’s dreary season starts. It is hard going into the grey when you are feeling negative already.

Not ton’s to say, just wanted to check in and write something since I have been slacking off as my little Apple iBook 4g, with Firefox 3.6 (lulz) on it was dying. My Schenectady daughter got me a rebuild with a newer Windows OS on it, so I am pretty much in hog heaven now, though I miss Samantha, my stolen Dell. I got ALL my music off my external that I donated to work last year and onto this lappy, but I now need to get a new external for this because I’d rather have my tunes on that since I have so much to use.

I got a new job, but am keeping my other two. Lazy bitch right? This one I am actually contracted out, so I had to get a tax ID, but that means I am a business owner. LULZ!  I also hope to keep writing and want to get something else published.

Things are going to start happening again. I always know when something is in the wind, or “on the way” and true to form, I can feel it coming on. I’m glad. I am ready for some change and welcome something new.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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