Have You Ever Gone A Little Crazy?


Spoiler Alert!

I went a little crazy, so there are many aspects of this movie I can relate to. It’s not that a simple little Hollywood flick can sum it up with a happy ending, but it felt good to watch two people; plus the village it took to help mold them, face their breaks, cracks, flaws, and pain together.

He lost his wife when he came home and found her in she shower fucking a co-worker to their wedding song. He went nuts and beat the shit out of the lover. He wound up in a psych ward. She lost her husband via death and began fucking everyone at work and wound up a slut.

Both wind up at their parent’s after the traumas.

They meet at a dinner his friend and her sister have. They both wear their crazy openly and a connection is born. She tricks him into finding something to focus on, by telling him she can get a letter to his wife, who left him and placed a restraining order against him while in his crazy. No one else, is willing to do this law-breaking act for him. He wants to explain how he has discovered positivity, is his key.

His dad is OCD and is temporarily a bookie while unemployed, his mother is an enabler and desperate. Part of dad’s OCD is the belief his team’s luck is tied to the relationship he has with his son. After a heavy bet on a game and his team loses, we find out, as does the entire village a bet has been made for double or nothing on the thing She has tricked Him into focusing on.

To win this thing of focus, they have to get a ten, but they are first time competitors so this, is not likely. A parlay is added to the bet, meaning two bets are made and BOTH bets have to be won. The bet is that 1) A certain team will win 2) They will score at least a five in the thing of focus. The money involved, was enough for Dad to open a restaurant.

Some would say they failed, and the audience, fellow competitors and, judges do not understand their, or their tribe’s reaction to a five out of ten.

Sometimes, a five is just better than a ten.

If I have left you with questions, then go rent this movie.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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