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I have not participated in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Terror attack.

I’ve not watched network television coverage of it, and have read very little about it on the internet. Meaning; I see what I see on social networking, but don’t go looking for it.

Many of the stories, I do not click on. I read the headlines, and only click on some of the stories. Admittedly, I am not keeping up with the terror headlines. The ones that EVERYONE is posting, on all sides of political spectrum…and fighting over.

Having said I am ignorant on this event, I can still confidently state, that this is an act of terrorism. People are afraid and are speaking in ways very similar to how they spoke in the fall of another year, long ago. A time when things really got cranked up.

And the people stood back and watched things change, accepting it was all in the name of securing safety and freedom. Hating fellow human beings and not seeing the Maestro conducting our symphony of hate, when what we needed was Love.

I believe that what just happened, was a test. What we saw, that I have never seen before, and have only recently skimmed headlines on, is the lock-down of a city. The images accompanying the headlines, sure looked like Martial Law to me. To read a headline stating a suspect hasn’t been read his rights, says we all have no rights.

And yet people sit back and watch, in fear. And no one says it. Boston was a test case for Martial law. I wonder what they learned? Did they learn enough to carry out a nationwide clampdown?

What are we gonna do now?!

I can’t vibrate at the terror level so I haven’t gone there. Still choosing not to go there; it still permeates. This morning NBC is reporting that brainwashing is involved. REALLY? After years of calling anyone looking into MK Ultra, Project Butterfly, and the many other theories on mind control, crazy, NBC doesn’t really garner trust out of me when they scream this at me in a headline.

Anytime new and unprecedented things happen in how we,” the people” are treated and the people stand back and allow it, I tend to expect, that something wicked this way comes.

This doesn’t mean that I am going to plug into the fear-porn network. I can’t. My heart goes out to all of us. it wasn’t just Boston. It hasn’t been just Connecticut, New York, New Orleans, Florida, Arkansas. It’s ALL of us that these things damage, because the fear seeps in. When people live in terror, they have been terrorized.

I don’t want to be terrorized, so I love you. ALL of you. Not just those who think like I do, or are trying to think outside the fear-porn. I have to love even those conducting the symphony, producing the terror, and those calling on hate.

Thanks for listening, but I can’t play in the clampdown party.


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