Four months after I broke up with the eye-breaker, I took a little money, and invested in some bit coins. I bought about $70.00 worth. I spent a few here and there on things like subscriptions online and had about $50.00 left sitting in my bitcoin wallet. I actually had 6.1930014 bitcoins that were worth about $50.00 USD.

I left them alone, my bank account, that was linked to my bitcoin wallet, merged with another bank, making my information obsolete. After reading about bitcoins lately, I figured I should check on them.I reconnected my banking information and just about shit my pants when I finally found my bitcoin wallet password and figured out what I had and what the USD conversion was.

On a $70.00 purchase of bitcoins made one year ago…I just made $490.00. I can pay my rent in May with ONE payment and not have to pay in two. This is a very good thing and was just the little help I needed to recover from a few rugs being yanked out from under me as I was moving.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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