Serious Yum (bonding with Ginger)

IMG_20130407_185132Start with fine grain, imported Semolina flour.

IMG_20130407_185138On the virgin bamboo pizza paddle.

IMG_20130407_185606Shape and stretch dough, then because it is the first pizza, made with Ginger, on my stone, with a virginal paddle, in her oven; which I am still learning…we dress the dough and get it in, without taking pictures. She worked the first dough and paddles it in. I removed it.

IMG_20130407_190932Pepperoni, ham, artichoke hearts, onion, mushrooms, and of course, cheese.

IMG_20130407_193346Our second one was dandelion pesto, yukon potatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sausage, jalapeno and, cheese.

IMG_20130407_194520We stopped and ate some then made the last one, which was the absolute best.

IMG_20130407_201117pepperoni, ham, artichoke hearts, black olives on half, mushrooms, salami, crushed red pepper, jalapeno, feta cheese and cheese. We added fresh tomatoes after it cooked. It was delicious. It was the first time we cooked together and it was very intuitive for each of us.

We totally bonded.

The Bliss Junkie and I got all my stuff out of storage, anything still there, I need to get donated by the 15th.

Today was a very, very, very nice day and I am happy. Not just content, but happy.

Yours in absolute gratitude and love,




About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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  1. damnnnnnnnnnnnnn…. those pizzas beat look perfecto

  2. I have and use the exact same pizza stone and wood paddle 🙂

    • Do you use the absolute bottom of your oven? If there is an element in the way I saw a work around on Instructables.
      We turned the oven as high as it would go, it took about seven minutes a pie.
      It was just as yummy cold, as part of tonight’s late dinner!
      Disable your smoke alarm before cooking this way!

      • Yeah, I saw yours on the bottom, my brian could not make sense of it so i did not think about it, for me, my element in the way 😦 no bottoms for me
        ……smoke alarm off is a given

  3. Re: “Our second one was dandelion pesto, yukon potatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sausage, jalapeno and, cheese.”

    Do you pre-cook the yukon potatoes, mushrooms, sausage before putting on pizza? AND WHERE THE HECK DO I GET “dandelion pesto”?

    • I believe Ginger used a cooked yukon. She did indeed fry the sausage prior to assembly. The mushrooms were placed on the pie, raw and cooked in the pie. The dandelion pesto came from the yard. She used dandelions in place of the basil, added garlic, olive oil, and a white cheese. I forget what kind, but I know it wasn’t the traditional Parmesan.
      One guess where the dandelions came from.

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