Meet The Mandelbrot Set (A place where Order and Chaos meet)

I do not have the links I need here at work to fully post on this, but I love watching the Mandelbrot Set. I can literally see phases of life in it and as it winds down to the end (of the theory the set never ends, it is infinite…in theory) you see things speed up.

There is a great movie about 12/21/2012 and all they hype that explained the Fibonacci as well. I will try to get that up later.

This is not very fair to hand over just this sans the material used by me in “getting it” in regards to the Mandelbrot. Somehow I doubt this will stop you from investigating.


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  1. Kraftwerk meets Tangerine Dream?

    • LOL!!!
      I like how you tie stuff to music.
      Fibonacci is seen in nature, over and over. Plants, galaxies, hurricanes, and amazingly…the Mandelbrot set. It is said to be the fingerprint of God.

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