Dear Mr President

Do you remember this?

Well, it needs revising. PINK! Are you listening?

President Obama has done some amazing things I agree with and do feel that he has been denied credit, where credit is due, he has been blocked by a bunch of cock-knockers who had but one goal in mind, and has proved racism, no matter how you dress it up, is alive and well in 2013.

My point is, in spite of all that we can not take beautiful steps forward like Marriage equality

480067_439090452842291_824232383_nAnd Medical Marijauan


To take steps forward like this, then to give protection to Monsanto.


Dear Mr. President,

Have a meal with me…


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  1. Man, some gays got it all wrong. I am sure there are a few that are praying marriage will never become status quo! The hetros surely know it. “Marriage” is a dated idea wrought with problems and depressing limitations. Gays enjoyed an amazing freedom being locked out of this victorian institution.

    As for the legal advantages, I think they are far outweighed by the burden of it all.

  2. “Monsanto” and the “pharmaceuticals”, what a pair of mischievous giants.

  3. I would add that my point of view is more about the downside of “marriage”….. then about politics or human rights or equal rights for all people or fairness.

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