My Lovelies

Have you ever had something make you so happy you could just flip the fluff out?

I have been apart from my books for three years. I have missed them.

Today my good friend Dan, helped me get a dresser out of storage. When the eye breaker and I moved everything out of the storage unit that was robbed, into the safest storage unit in West Seattle, we really packed it and since he is freakishly strong in his upper body, it was nothing to him.

We pulled a few things out, pulled a few things down, and got it to where I think I can go in and jockey stuff I want out, then just call SVDP or someplace that picks up donations. Since I have yet to get to my bookcase, and I couldn’t stand the books I have here, in my closet anymore…I liberated them!!! Kurt Vonnegut and Tim Robbins are very happy to be out where I can glance over and see them! They aren’t all here yet, and I hope my freaking books did not get stolen as well.

Gems I saw…James Beard BBQ, courtesy of my ex b/f. I have a friend who cooked on the Bering Sea and his boat exploded. George Karn was lost at sea. I have his James Beard, and I have his e.e. cummings. I carry you in my heart, makes me weep still to this day.

I love my babies. I suppose if I am freaky about material things I own, books, music and cooking things would be the top of the list.





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I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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  1. I to love books

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