Long Day

I think tonight, my goal is to watch Big Fish.

I got my stuff today. Had another talk this morning. Seems kind of pointless in a way. I just don’t dispose of people very well and think the ability to do so, can be a downright ugly quality.

Bought a new work computer today. Going out looking at printers this weekend. I am lucky She boss started having trouble with the printer finally AND that we just got two nice fat checks from one customer. Woot Woot!

I picked up a side job this weekend, and then more work for toffee making, spoon yielding, tax preparer. I honestly love my friends. This morning I started to go into panic mode, but stopped myself because I KNOW…I’ve always made it. Well, OK there was the bankruptcy after my eye got busted, but at least I had that option and I know a high percentage of them are related to medical bills. NONE, and I repeat NONE of it was credit card debt.

I am feeling something in the air. is it spring? Is it the need for this dry drunk to have a drink? Is it something totally different from anything I could imagine? I don’t know, but something is in the air and something is headed my way.

And now, because I adore Raul Malo, have some of The Mavericks.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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  1. My company is auctioning off two printers; you want I should put a bid in for you?

  2. Mr. Hyde, nice to see you!
    Though mine got jacked in the storage robbery of 2010, I must respectfully decline. I am living in frugal-jeans till I secure more work.

  3. Always nice to be seen love the music

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