Do you remember?

When songs were longer than today’s attention span? (2 minutes and 30 seconds)

I love this opening jam. The song itself is like a stalkers anthem, but I love the jam.

Death Cab for Cutie


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  1. As art and media speeds up I wonder what it will look and sound like 500 years from now.

  2. I can only imagine on a semi small scale how things will change. But I bet, it will be amazing.

  3. a·maz·ing [uh-mey-zing]
    causing great surprise or sudden wonder, astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing

  4. I watched “Quest For Fire” the other night, and if anthropologist and archaeologists or whoever who consulted on the scripts content got it right, even 80,000 years ago primitive homo sapiens saw things speeding up right before their eyes. Amazing things.

  5. I haven’t seen that movie in years. Like Decades. Perhaps I shall watch it this weekend while cat sitting.
    When you say time is speeding up. it makes me think of two things fractal. Fibonacci and the Mandelbrot Set.

  6. Ah, the words were inaccurate, in the movie “Quest For Fire” primitive homo sapiens were suddenly introduced to things i would call ‘advancements’ or ‘upgrades’ that were presented all of sudden, in the moment, there was no time element to them, no speeding up. One second there were not there, the next second they were.

    I could google them, and might later but until I do, I am unfamiliar with “fractal. Fibonacci and the Mandelbrot Set.”

  7. Allow me. See the next post I’ll make illegally from work. (Subversive system bucking)

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