I am SO open to love of all types. I am even open to romantic love, eventually.

I have a feeling right now, that I am to remain unattached for a while. I think my path is not about romantic love, but the other love. I think if I am to be drawn in by a romantic love again, it will have to ring the bells of something sacred.

I knew a few months ago that what I was being offered, wasn’t a real offer and wasn’t romantic love. I don’t understand why he lied about it. I knew something was up and asked him if he wanted to remain friends and stop playing. He kept saying no, but I knew because he was getting weird, and I found myself questioning his intent, or lack thereof.

I hope he has a moment. I DO love him and want to have no ill will, but I am not in love with him and I was right when I told him months ago that I wondered if he was man enough to let me love the way I love. I told him there was SO much in me to give, it would probably freak him out. I am intense. I believe there is a person out there who is looking for the same things I am.

It is essential to me, that my current quest, remain tied to Source energy and vibrating love. It almost feels selfish, because I know what I get out of that path.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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  1. sending love your way

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