I AM (a co-creator)

559747_295401107252935_1910582796_nAn old chat pal who is always good on his Face Book status with inspirational posts, and always good with Bill W. material, put this up and I thought how nice a change it is from the tired old serenity prayer.

I don’t like things that come across like we have to accept the status quo and acceptance of suffering is normal and or healthy. It is not!

I have been changing the things I can not accept. I will continue to change the things I can not accept. I hope to change things you shouldn’t accept as well. And yes, sometimes the changing is internal, but sometimes it is external as well.

My batteries are recharging and I am feeling my power come back. My center is balancing out again. My Zen is building. Feel me?


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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