Thank You

I want to thank you for the “likes” recently.

This is my second WordPress blog. My first one I was not really anonymous. I never used my name, always a screen name, but I would show my face, and talk in ways that made me much less anonymous.

I had words used against me, out of context by family. This happened at the same time I was breaking and waking. I shut down one blog, opened another, and did nothing for a while. I brought very few links in my blogroll with me from my old site.

I had a respectable amount of followers. I never went big, but I had a group I knew, and they knew me. I know I have a thing with writing, that not all people have, but at the same time…I know I am not nearly as gifted many of you I read.

One of you also was a reader at my old blog, and I think you know I am her…the one who said something to you about Hadiya Pendleton and Michelle Obama.

My point is, I just wanted to say thank you for the support this week. The small simple act of clicking that little  button, made me feel connected in a way I wasn’t getting in my offline world. I don’t really like that my personal creativity, sharpens when tshtf, but I am grateful to know I wrote something that caused people to let me know I was being heard.

I thank you all for the energy, and would like to return it in kind.

Without prejudice

And with absolute love and gratitude,



About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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