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I haven’t written anything in a few days, other than commenting on other people’s blogs.

I’ve kind of been stuck in this place of physically, not feeling well. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t feel sick, or flu like but everything inside me “feels”. I’ve been hearing a ringing in my ears and pulsing in my head for a few weeks now, but it is the ringing (and that’s not quite the correct term here) in my head and ears that is really messing with me.

I am hungry, but go to eat, and can’t…or do eat, and then regret it.

The menopause? Yeah, still got it. FFS

I love that the hits I am getting lately are all TOPPT related.

**waves hi to all the curious and intent filled visitors**

Kauilapele’s Blog has zipped all…Oh here, just read what  posted:

“The One People’s Public Trust” NOW PARADIGM PROTOCOL Documents… in One Zip Folder…

Posted on 2013/01/08by 
toppt_logo_border4Heather and company with TOPPT have assembled a set of documents that give examples of what and how to carry out what they are talking about.
I have taken all of the Word docs and converted them to both OpenOffice docs and pdfs, for those who do not have MS Office, them created a zip folder of these. There are 13 documents in total (27 files) (6 MB) in the zip folder.
Here is the link:
Now, I cannot say that I know anything about where to go from here, after reading these. Nor do I know or understand what my role is with all of this (except in processing mp3s and making zippy files). But I do believe that Heather and company are going to present another conversation about this that will presumably clarify things for everybody.
Below are portions of an email we received from Heather about these documents.
I AM INSPIRED release of NOW PARADIGM PROTOCOL (evolved from “NEW PARADIGM”) for the people, by the people… if Truth IS… “by the people for the people”… then let’s test that out, and have some fun DO’ing while we’re at it, yes? We ask those who choose to, to co-manifest an opportunity to work/review/discuss/dissect DATA in order to close the OLD PARADIGM and choose what the NOW PARADIGM IS per what resonates within each of us…what resonates as Truth by the knowledge within…(yes, that damn broken record keeps playing on, and on, and on..infinity!)
By DO’ing by free will choice, the energy manifests, creates/co-creates, at the speed of thought, the opportunity to reflect the law of one that resonates with many by the knowledge from within…shall we?
Attached are documents of examples designed based on NOW DATA that the Trustees, Advisors and other we the people collected, willingly and sometimes under duress, through investigations and other matters that have come before us…these are just examples…
…so, whoever would like to take their shoes off and jump in the water with some DO’in so that we can finalize the people’s systems as they choose…We would be so grateful for the experience to BE and DO with all of you.
How do we the people use the REGISTERED tools done by the Public Trust, specifically the FORECLOSURE, COMMERCIAL BILL, TRUE BILL in a personal matter? How do we notice a potential predator that they will be held responsible and liable in such a manner that it IS enforced and collectible? How do we secure our property that is being held by someone purporting to be a custodian? How do we establish standing and authority while respectfully, yet firmly, simultaneously requiring those who come before us to identify and verify their standing and authority? How do we cancel the fraud already done?
Well, see the examples we have formulated thus far through moments of PRESENT that have transpired and let’s refine them together as one, as we choose, if we so choose! Please don’t ask for authorization to post or use…it was granted upon our creation!!!!
We are excited about what we the people can and choose to DO…I wanted all of this to be more organized and definitely more professional in presentation, but I need to get back to the current… I will check back in 🙂
with gratitude
in love
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
*Me again*
The more I read the filings and examples, the more I think I  understand what they are saying. My take, is that we are saying, I do not stand under your terms, as they are not in accordance with my inalienable rights, in fact you are violating my inalienable rights, with fraudulent actions to boot. It appears we are also asking for all original copies (with wet ink signatures) of us agreeing to these terms of enslavement and servitude to the corrupt system, when really we are living being humans bonded to our creator. It seems the references to “actors” are the Strawman/woman, and this is in part the redemption of our very first “alter”. The first step in synchronizing back to our natural state, Is claiming and protecting said Strawman.
Of course, this is just my simple interpretation of it, and I could be very wrong. More websites are popping up, and more people are talking about it so this is good. People are waking up to the manipulations perpetuated on the one people. The simp;e fact we are beginning to question, and talk, and strategize is good, good, good!

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