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Amor solus non virtus est


I accept your words, in the kindness you offered them up with.

I can even accept that love alone, is not a virtue.

I do believe that the way I arrived at love, was the right way for me.

I did not run to love, out of fear.

I arrived at love after I faced each and every one of my worst fears, head on, and survived to find forgiveness and love.

Not only did I survive, but I began to grow in ways I had been held back from prior to the now.

So I accept your words, but I have never claimed to have the answers. I am searching, alone, with no guide other than what my instincts are telling me. My instincts are telling me to pay attention to my soul connection.


Vibration (love, love, love)

7d4979a76586c4134fbb921d373b46f1_viewPlease stop, pause, take a deep breath and accept the vibration I offer.

If you are hurting, know that you are loved.

If you feel you don’t matter, know that you DO!

If you are having trouble, stop…breathe out, and just be in the moment.

Life hasn’t been perfect, and it is hard to try new things when we haven’t been taught to properly dare and dream, but if I have learned anything this last year, it is that some of us, need to open up to accepting love. Even if we crave it and want it, we don’t always believe we deserve it.

Please remember, repeat after me if you need to:

I deserve nothing less than Love, as do you.

Now please take the love I have offered, and go share it. I gladly give it to you as the amount we have to share, is truly infinite!


A Thought…


The only reason the Government would dare to label an everyday American Citizen a terrorist, is that they, the Government finally and openly are showing their fear of us.

This is when the energy shifts in favor of the people.

As more and more of us wake up, and I can see it in my search results and what people are searching, awareness raises.

THIS is the gold.

Skeptical people, are good, it means they are at least thinking. Thinking people are not people who are still completely sleeping. I do believe the slumber is ending. It can’t help but be ending as we DID move into the Golden Age on 12.21.2012. Just because you can’t see it people, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just because some are still sleeping, doesn’t mean others aren’t waking up and telling two friends, who tell two friends.

The people who are stopping by my blog, are arriving here via the following search/keywords:

Who Will Be the First (and what will they disclose?)

It looks like the war games have begun.

Shall we play a game?

The choice to play was taken long ago…What will happen, who will spill first?

Internal Battles


For a while now, I have gone inside and done some reflecting. It has been kind of hard because I wound up opening and looking at some of my trauma. I realized that when I went crazy and fell in love with everything, I didn’t deal with a couple of important things in regards to the baggage.

I used my love as a way to not feel the emotion I should have felt in order to move through it and on. Yesterday, everything sort of came to a head for me emotionally. I had my bad day. I felt sorry for myself, and angry at the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. I allowed myself to be pissy for the day, but I didn’t act out on anyone or anything.

Today I was making coffee and it slapped me! I knew what was wrong, what my issue was, why my issue was, and I was able to laugh at it. I did what I needed to do. I sat down, and was back in that moment. I re-lived it. It was so real, I gasped at the moment of “body memory” (?). I cried.

I felt the sadness and betrayal, accepted it for what it was, and let it go, because I can’t go back there and it can’t continue to creep back in every time I take 5 steps forward.

I have to decide what I keep and what becomes a memory. This one, I have to let go of. And just like that…I become a little more free.

Now if I could figure out if I have tinnitus, or if there is another reason I am constantly hearing tones reminiscent of a hearing test all the freaking time!

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