People’s Trust 1776

THIS, has me severely intrigued: People’s Trust 1776

One of the trustees is listed in Gig Harbor, WA.

I have done some digging in public records and was able to find documents dating back to 2004. The records reflect a 2003 sale, then a foreclosure, followed by a challenge of the foreclosure.

Something is brewing.

There are a lot of .pdf files at People’s Trust. Worth reading. After reading, I tripped on over to Pierce County and looked at there public recorded real estate docs. At first I could view none of the .pdf files listed with each case number, but then I switched browsers and what do you know.

Really interesting reading. Is the People’s Trust real? Well, the Court documents I found are real, the trustee named in Gig Harbor seems to be real.

The rabbit hole is getting deep, friends.

There are a few discrepancies in the original reporting and the court documents (Like the street of said property) and a quirky group I sort of watch like a train wreck, are bothered by 50,000,000,000 vs 500,000,000,000. I personally don’t know where this little group got 500 billion from but I digress.

Are you curious and up for reading?

If you REALLY want to follow this, I suggest you head over to American Kabuki and visit Obi Wan Kabuki. I like his vibe and have been enjoying his blog since at least February or March. I know I found him around the time I decided I went crazy.


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