26 Acts of Random Kindness #26actsofkindness


I really  disliked how NBC let Ann Curry go, so when I heard she had pretty much spearheaded the new viral movement called 26 Acts of Kindness that people are participating in to honor those slain at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut, I decided that this was going to be something I participated in.

Today I got a small bonus from my boss. On my way home I decided that I wanted to take $25.00 and buy 5- $5.00 coffee gift cards and pass them out. On the front of the envelope I wrote, “26 acts of random kindness”. On the inside of the envelope flap I wrote, “In memory of the victims of Sandy Hook.”. On the back of the gift card envelope I wrote, “You are #__”

Two people were in front of the Coffee Shop when I approached them, the other three were in the drive through line and I just walked up to each of their windows, knocked and asked if they had heard of the 26 acts of kindness? Two of them had so I just told them what number they were. The ones who hadn’t, I explained what it was for and what their “number” was. Everyone was thankful. The first person was the hardest, in part because she hadn’t heard of the movement, and also because I had to explain it and I started to cry.

I got home and text my boss and said thank you and explained that even though most of the money is going to my moving kitty, I took $25.00 and did what I did. I told her my heart-felt really good and that she helped make it possible for me to do by giving me a bonus. I told her that my heart, felt really good and that was the best bonus.

She came back with, “Did you hear about the tragedy in New York today?”


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I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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