I heard someone question if Alanis knew she was singing about ascension or not. I’d like to think she did.

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like most of my friends do. I spend the day with family, eat the big meal, do all the stuff everyone else does, but I don’t say, “YAY!!! Thank God Columbus got lost and the pilgrims soon followed! Pass the Monsanto corn!”

I more think about the atonement that should be made. I think we ought to own how we got to be where we are today.


I think white people need to actually LEARN what was done to my ancestors. I’m part white, and trust me…it sucked learning what my people did to my other people. I feel shame and I feel anger, and yet somehow in my life: that is pretty fitting with how I have always viewed myself.

I’m new at this loving myself thing. I’m not sure which came first, the loving myself or the understanding that I AM experiencing an ascension of my own and I believe it is spilling over to humanity.

I’m so thankful for this last year and all it has brought into my life. It was almost a year ago that I changed. I died inside and somehow was brought back to life through love and forgiveness. It all started within me. I do not for one second believe that had I not hit that very rock bottom I hit last December, I would have experienced the blessings I have been able to open myself up to. I tend to think had it not been for the love of self, nothing else would have followed.

I’m thankful I had the support I had when I needed it.

I’m thankful I was strong enough to believe I deserved nothing less than love.

I’m thankful I forgave myself and those who needed my forgiveness.

I’m thankful I opened up to the possibility of ANYTHING, and welcomed it.

I’m thankful many things found me, including my someone special.

I’m thankful I have an understanding of energy and decided to become my very own HAARP machine and pulse love.

I’m thankful I am learning to stop eating fear.

I am thankful for the ability to continue to feel love for those I love, who do not return it.

I am thankful that my friends who are politically different, are able to talk with me and we find that we really want the same things. We can work together, if we have love.

I am thankful that this year, when it mattered…women spoke up and were heard. We can raise the vibration.

I am thankful to know, that no matter what happens tomorrow, I am on the path that I was meant to be on.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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  1. wow. first of all, thank you for the weepy mess i just created after watching that video with that perspective in mind. she was TOTALLY singing about ascension, i agree. and you made me laugh “pass the monsanto corn please” haha – sigh.

  2. I have always liked her! It doesn’t hurt that she played God convincingly in Dogma! 😉

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