Last night my boyfriend and I were talking on the phone.

The phone.

The phone.

The ever-loving, mother-fluffing phone.

Lately, I’ve been so sad and feeling so stuck. It’s maddening to have found him again, and to be so far away from him.

He on the other hand has been quietly dealing with his own frustrations. I understand he is used to “going it alone” so he keeps a lot to himself. He does it so well, I have actually been freaking out (fairly quietly for me) and thinking, “He has changed his mind about me.”

He called me last night. He was not drunk, but he wasn’t sober. I could hear it in his voice and I thought, “Ut ohhhhh, here we go.” I was right. We had a long two and a half hour talk and I shed some tears, but I think we came to our decision, together. I’m not going to pack up and leave here. He’s going to come here.

He caught me so off guard. I was sitting there feeling totally insecure about us and his silence, when he called. I expected one conversation, and got a totally different one. It was one which left me totally…Gobsmacked. Suddenly I am listening to him read me like a fucking book and saying,”Why do you have to come here, why can’t I come there?” Ya’ll can laugh (or is that y’all?), but the more I started thinking about going there…the more that damn New Madrid Fault is really fucking with me. Especially as I watch some of the things the news really is not reporting; like giant sinkholes popping up.

I personally think that the Earth is going through massive changes. I think shit that has happened before, is going to happen again. I also think the Earth is expanding.

As above, so below. As the universe expands…so do we… we being Earth. If you follow the things TPTB don’t see fit to disclose, it sort of makes Clif High’s recent shape reports make sense. (Do your own research there, I’m not spelling out my crazy for people anymore)

That’s it for now. I’ll start getting more into writing as life resettles down, but for now my plans have changed, so my direct course of action has changed as well and I am now off to see what sort of, “Let’s stay here” magic I can make happen.

PS. Spell check accepts, y’all, not ya’ll.


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I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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