Today, I woke early and was watching tv on my phone while still in bed. I heard a text come in and assumed it was my boy friend. When I looked a bit later I was saddened to see that it was someone I split with eleven months ago after two plus years and two separate assaults.
I called my bf and asked for advice. I was not sure if I should continue to ignore his texts or ask/tell him to stop. I’m tired of all these months later of getting sweet love notes from a guy who once told me I’d never have the respect his dog had.

After weighing the pros and cons I surprised myself and called him. He was excited to hear from me, he misses me and wants to see me.

I said many, many things I’ve wanted to say, including that if I were the Queen that he thought he treated me like, I’d have had his head served to him on a silver platter for the things he did.

I asserted myself.
He acknowledged what he did to me and owned it.

Did he mean it?

I don’t know, but I needed to hear it from him.
Closure isn’t something someone else can give you. Its something you yourself have to participate in and I am glad I grabbed at mine this morning.


About iwentcrazy

I am very, very, very average. And very, very, very lucky.

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